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The Hummers
2017-09-26, 19:24
Spent a thoroughly enjoyable day with Marc at Studio 57. What a pleasure and what a professional. Marc treated us like musos and the end result made us sound like we almost knew what we were doing! Thanks Marc - we will be seeing you again.
John Craig
2017-07-19, 11:04
We just started lessons this term upon a recommendation. Definitely the best decision we have made. Thank you Studio 57 for the creative vibes.
Roger Nevel
2017-05-25, 20:44
Clean, friendly, affordable. Best studio in Sydney.
Scott Rego
2017-05-25, 20:43
Great equipment, rehearsal rooms clean, air con works, plenty of equipment for sale. Definitely my go to place for anything musical.
Brett James
2017-05-25, 20:42
Awesome staff, very knowledgeable. It's nice to see well trained teachers who enjoy their job.
David Archie
2017-05-11, 08:05
My kids love it. I love the studios moto, "we don't practise we play"
Thanks for giving my kids and outlet in a safe and warm environment. Teachers are great role models and Rebecca manages it all with ease and a contagious smile.
Gary Moore
2017-05-11, 08:03
Very competitive products for sale, great teachers and all staff friendly and welcoming. would not go anywhere else.
Skye Mann
2017-05-11, 08:02
I couldn't play guitar - Now I can. Thanks to the amazingly talented Music Teachers at Studio 57. Thank you
Miranda Walker
2017-05-11, 08:00
Amazing teaching staff. Best Music lessons in Sydney. Not young inexperienced teachers but a wealth of knowledge showcased at Studio 57.
Gavin Moar
2017-05-11, 07:59
Studio 57 is the go to place for Music in the south of Sydney. A great no ego recording studio with one of the most genuine, talented, & generous amigos in the industry: Marc Scully.
Marc's resume of music experience is top shelf and his style is conducive to excellent results. I can't recommend S57 highly enough.
Not just recording but a whole lot more!
2017-05-10, 21:41
Been rehearsing at Studio 57 for many years. Fantastic facility and best in the Shire by far. Staff are friendly and helpful. Easy lug!!
Beau Stanley
2017-05-10, 21:31
what an amazing bunch of people. I have had the pleasure in dealing with Rebecca on a recent fundraiser and her generosity was humbling. Support these guys because they support the Shire. Go the Sharks!
Craig Smyth
2017-05-10, 21:29
Best Music Studio by far in the Sutherland Shire in fact the entire Sydney region. I started getting lessons here now my band rehearses here and soon we will record here. AWESOME!
Rod Johnson
2017-05-10, 21:21
An all round music haven, from the records on the walls and all the amazing teachers, my kids love it. Music Lessons with professionals. Well done.
Steven Johnson
2017-05-10, 21:19
Amazing teachers. Best drum lessons I have ever been to. I highly recommend.
Toni Michele
2016-05-25, 20:42
Our band the Voodoo Rhythm Shakers was very lucly to have Marc Scully at the controls of our recording project. His quick wit and humour made the sessions fun and enjoyable, while his creative experience in production gave us a great final product.
You are a motivating and humble man with a great gift Marc, Thank you.
Kris Ramea
2015-12-10, 21:07
Awesome studio. Marc has both the technical and musical abilities to help bring any production to life! Very helpful and knowledgeable staff to get those creative juices flowing.
Roger Soames
2015-05-07, 19:00
Great place to relax and learn my guitar. Awesome teachers and the vibe is like no other.
Well done guys, keep rockin it.
Michelle Harper
2015-03-23, 21:01
What a great bunch of people. from management to the teachers all are fantastic. I would not go anywhere else.
Tom Showtime
2014-12-01, 19:02
"Like a boss..." Marc has mixed and mastered a few of my tracks, all of which sound crisp, warm and punchy. Great dude and a great studio. Big ups...!
Toni Allayialis-Hepi
2014-11-27, 21:26
I have had the pleasure of working with Marc Scully for the last 30 years both live and in the studio. I believe he is one of Australia's finest producers, his Professionalism, expertise in composing, producing and his stand out re-mixes truely represent the delicious blend of Australian multicultural talent!
Rick (Freddy) Spence
2014-11-26, 22:42
Marc has a huge amount of years behind him as a musician and his experience comes out in his work recording and mixing. He knows his stuff!! His production work speaks for itself.
Marc Scully
2014-11-26, 11:11
Here's my web address & soundcloud link
Kevin Riddle (The Metabolizers)
2014-11-25, 12:51
Marcus (aka OMEGAMAN) runs an amazingly productive and creative operation at Studio57 pumping out those spicey fat clear sounds of his like there's no tomorrow. An easier to work with guy than Omegaman you will not meet.
Mustafa Akbar
2014-11-25, 10:33
Nuff respect my friend, keep making that funky music Brother and I look forward to recording with you once again!
Frankie 40
2014-11-25, 10:20
Keep up the good work Hermano it's been a privilege to work with you and I wish you the best of luck !!!

Frankie 40
A proud and humble vocalist of
Brad Watts
2014-11-24, 15:17
Omegaman the groovemeister extraordinaire. More chilled than an Aussie six-pack and able to leap sonic walls of lovin' beats in a single bound. No Sweat!
Blake Pardey
2014-11-23, 19:22
Blake Pardey - singer songwriter.
Our band, Sound Concern had been rehearsing and gigging for seven months and it was time to hit the recording studio. So we went to Marc Scully at Studio 57 Recording. We did an epic day of recording, tracking 12 songs in a long day. Marc did a great job of dealing with the technical side of things so that we could concentrate on the music. His great sense of humour and many witty remarks kept the mood light at the times when we needed this. Marc recorded to Logic using 12 simultaneous tracks which meant we could record the whole band playing live. We were all extremely pleased with the professional results and we strongly recommend his services to other bands and musos.
Mr. Chombee
2014-11-23, 12:34
Marc is the ultimate professional. I have worked with Marc as both a collaborator and a co-performer. In each case he had both an infectious driving motivation as well as a solid skill set for producing and mixing music. He's personally made a couple of my tracks sound amazing, something which I am very thankful for. Marc is well known in the Sydney DJ and music production community because of this. I would have no hesitation recommending Marc to others. He's a nice guy too!
Ex Wreckery , Bad Seeds, Rowland Howard, Hugo Race True Spirit,
2014-11-23, 11:48
Studio 57 is a great place to work, it has one thing no other studio has or will ever have, producer Marc Scully. I've known Marc a long time, he's an innovator, he's a seasoned musician who understands how musicians communicate, often telepathically , I love working with him because he doesn't dwell on the minutiae he captures performances while they are still fresh and because of his skill and empathy he's easy to trust. The studio itself has everything one would need, it's well appointed, modern and has tiki heads. What more could you ask for?
Sue Young
2014-10-24, 14:18
What a great bunch of people. My children were hetting lessons elsewhere for many years however since being at Studio 57 they have learnt so much and I no longer have to fight with them to practise. They ENJOY it.
Paul Bardetta
2014-01-09, 16:41
What a great facility to have in the Shire.!
S57 has great rooms and the staff are ver y eager to please.
Cheers guys, U ROCK!
Rachel Longmuir - Kurnell Public
School Music/Sports Co-Ordinator
2013-07-12, 14:43
“Studio 57 Music studio has continued to make a valuable contribution by supporting our school in many ways.
They have ordered instruments for our school and supported us with our music programs.
Studio 57 also helped to fund the purchase of our glockenspiels which has allowed us to run more music programs throughout the school.
The students at Kurnell Public School are really enjoying playing instruments and having a range of music programs.
Studio 57 have been an amazing support and we would highly recommend them to everyone.”
2013-07-12, 14:40
What a great bunch of people to work with

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